John R. Bolton served as the United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations from August 1, 2005 to December 9, 2006… [read more]

Events unfolding overseas are having an increasing impact on the life of all Americans. Globalization has brought many benefits to the people of our country, but has also exposed us to new challenges. With the diffusion of technology, for example, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction to rogue states creates new security challenges we cannot ignore. On the economic front, we have seen how crises in one country can impact the entire global economy.

Daily life in America now requires that we take stock of and consider events happening throughout the world, where distances do not protect us from the emerging threats, conflicts and disasters on almost every continent. It is testimony to our emerging global marketplace that the amazing opportunities have also created interdependencies that can affect our ability to function, to grow and to defend our interests.

Decide America is a project to help citizens understand these dependencies and interrelationships within the context of what it means to America and its future – and how our policies and legislation must take these into account. It is one thing to expect our generation to remain resourceful, resilient and rise to this challenge, yet another to guarantee future generations the same. Our founding fathers fully expected this enterprise would require the time, talent and energy of each citizen to guarantee its permanence, and we must give our unreserved commitment to remain faithful to this vision.

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