All conservatives, especially those concerned with American national security, should support the Boehner Plan.
That plan, as Speaker Boehner himself understands, is far from perfect.  But there is no reasonable prospect, given the current political balance of power in Washington, to get anything better on the debt ceiling issue.  We cannot know exactly how financial markets will react to the various scenarios that might play out over the next several days, but the potential cost of finding out what the defeat of the Boehner Plan would be is not worth the risk.
If America’s prospects for economic recovery are gravely impaired, if President Obama is able to turn the inevitable turmoil to his political advantage and achieve re-election, and if we face four more years of his debilitating economic and national security policies, the safety and security of America in the world may be damaged irreparably.
In politics as in battle, conservatives should remember Carl von Clausewitz’s sage advice to be satisfied with identifying and achieving “the culminating point of victory.”  That does not mean total victory, but rather the maximum that can be achieved in any particular engagement.  We should not stop short, but neither should we risk what we have achieved by proceeding dangerously beyond that culminating point. 
There are many more battles to be fought to rescue our economy and preserve our national defenses.  But on this present issue, we have reached the culminating point of victory.  Let’s not throw it away.
John R. Bolton
July 27, 2011
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7 Responses to Conservatives Should Support Boehner Plan

  1. B says:

    NO! Victory is not compromising just to pass this stupid sham of a “spending cut” bill. Anything with the word- bipartisian is compromise. When has Obama compromised???? Deeper cuts need to be made or simply FREEZE government for the rest of the year!!!!

  2. DH says:

    I respectfully disagree Mr Bolton. The Boehner plan is the same kind of nonsense that got us into this debt mess in the first place, with promises of reform using accounting gimmicks and faux cuts to the debt. This is not what this country needs and certainly deserves.

  3. JS says:

    No, I will not. Once again this is political gamesmanship and business as usual in Washington. The conservative movement and the Tea Party did not sweep 63 Democrats from office for more of this BS. We want drastic action. Also the fact is we will not default. Every person with a brain bigger than a pea and any intellectual honesty know this. The government currently takes in about 180 BILLION dollars a month in taxes. The interest on the debt is about 20 billion. Problem solved. Now CUT THE SPENDING!

  4. Jerome says:

    Bolton is one of the conservatives I most admire. And I profoundly disagree with him on this issue. The reasons are fairly obvious; Boehner’s plan:

    – only cuts current spending by less than $1 billion, in a budget that is $1700 billion in the red;
    – only cuts the deficit by $850 billion (or less) in a 10 year period where the deficit may be $15,000 billion.

    How on earth is this adequate, responsible, or politically helpful? It isn’t. All the cuts come from reductions of future spending increases, and nearly all of the cuts are future, and can be changed by future idiot Democrat congresses.

    The time to cut spending is right now.

  5. Marilyn Van Pelt says:

    After reading your article, I have come to the conclusion that you have no faith in the American people or the Tea Party. You have shown yourself to be a typical politician, not a man who stands on principle. I used to have a great respect for your opinion and commentary, not any longer.

  6. ertdfg says:


    A “budget deal” is only really binding on the current year budget, regardless of projections (which is why they’re back-loaded with “Cuts” that never happen).

    How much does Boehner’s cut in the current year? 1 billion dollars… or 1/1,500 of the deficit.

    Another 1,499 years of budget cuts like this and we’ll be back to a balanced budget. Anyone ready for the 3511 budget fight when we finally start reducing the debt… or were there some “conservatives” who wanted that sometime before year 3500?

  7. may says:

    We want to support Boehner but will not rest on a solution that does not include a Balanced Budget! I will not watch my child become a serf due to the massive corruption that is Washington. This is about our nations children period! The Republicans have done enough with Cut, Cap and Balance. Hold the line Rep…Sit back and relax. Economists have said we have the money to pay the interest on the debt so we will NOT default! This is an opportunty to shrink gov’t. Really so you would be hurt if we do not have a useless Commerce dept or all the othe bloated agencies we cannot afford? This is scare tactic that we have heard before. Seniors and the military will still get paid. We know one day we will have to answer to God. Who will you answer too?

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